Welcome on videt-oculu.

My name is Johannes and on this site I display what the world reveals to me.

Photography is a way for me to examine the mechanisms and effects of visual stimulations. Shooting a picture makes it possible to freeze a moment that is staged by the interplay of the one pushing the trigger and her or his environment. I want to explore how I can direct people’s attention on aspects and processes which are – in my eyes – worth to be notices.

Sedicio, a feature-length film I have been working on with a lot of great people for almost 10 years showed me what a beautiful and challenging task it is to tell a story. After these intensive time of dramaturgy and direction it is time for me to focus on the image in order to develop my repertoire as a film maker.

Anthropology, which I studied for four years, let me take a look in the depths behind the taken-for-grantedness in my daily life. Where one anchors his live, another sees just dirt. Wherein one perceives just a sequence of obsolete, dishonest rituals, the other summons up meaning and relief.

I want to stand beside and watch  how these differences, but also similarities, come together.

Voyaging forces me to open up and flushes my mind. It frees me from the apathy which blocks the awareness of the world around me.