1000 kilometer on Irans most southern road

We rode the corniche alongside the Persian Gulf between the seaports Bandar-e Abbas and Bushehr by bicycle in February 2015. It took us 14 days during which we were confronted by moderate gradients but fierce winds. The density of settlement is such that we were riding most of the time in rural areas, but had the chance to get food and water at least one time a day. In bigger towns we also stayed in hotels.
Several people recommended the island of Kish to us, allegedly an awesome place for having great holidays. But earlier experiences in the equally recommended Babolsar on the Caspian Coast, where we spent our holidays on overcrowded beaches between brutalistic hotels, led us to bypass Kish from a safe distance, admiring its skyline from afar. Instead, we made a detour to the more pristine island of Gheshm and its stunning geologic formations.

If you’re interested in riding this route, don’t hesitate to write me (letter@videt-oculu.de) for further information, it’s worth it!

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